REALTOR® Bill Gabbert approaches Real Estate using professional management expertise and ethics while incorporating a humble touch to keep clients comfortable and informed.

When you choose Bill Gabbert for your Real Estate needs, you are choosing a trusted and accomplished businessman that started and ran four bicycle stores in the Marin-Sonoma area. You’re also choosing a professional with 14 years of management experience with one of the largest retail food companies. In short, you are choosing a seasoned businessman and Real Estate agent that goes beyond the “just satisfied” realm: Bill has a lifelong working history of providing more than the customer expects.

Bill’s creditability and confidence has a humble, subtle ring. It’s a unique personality trait that develops when an efficient businessman knows along with putting his best professional foot forward, the other foot must have a solid ground in communicating with those he serves.

“With Bill’s extensive real estate knowledge, it made the whole transaction of selling our home very easy … Bill was very helpful, provided answers to all our questions in the process and was committed to the whole process from the beginning to the end of the transaction, eliminating any surprises.” 
                                                                                                    Scott Johnson, Penngrove

Always expected to visualize ten steps down the road of any decision, Bill strives for quick yet precise decisions. “It’s very important to think through what is being offered to the client and what the consequence are of that, so I am always saying what I mean,” said Bill, who stays involved with his client base long after any Real Estate transaction has been completed. “The only deal is a deal where everyone wins, whether it is retail or Real Estate.”

“It is truly a pleasure to have Bill as my REALTOR® … I feel he truly cares about his clients and puts 100% into making their home buying process the best possible experience. Most of all, it is invaluable to me to have a realtor whose honesty and integrity I can trust.” 
                                                                                                    Amy McCaffrey, Healdsburg

For someone who is used to taking an idea and turning it in a successful venture for all, it was the desire of a new challenge and the immediate knowledge that Real Estate “just felt right” which lead Bill into helping families buy and sell homes. “I’m having more fun now then I ever have in my whole life,” said Bill. “Everyday I seek to learn something new, and it feels natural. It’s like learning to ride a bike.”

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